Uncovering Pests in Real Estate Inspections

Buying or selling a home? Whether it’s your first home or where you’ll retire, it’s an exciting time. While there are plenty of fun and exciting things associated with the home-buying process, there are just as many stressful situations. Getting a home inspection is fairly common, but what if the inspector says, “You’ve got pest problems”?

Ideally, this is something a seller would deal with well before the inspection stage. As you can imagine, getting a home ready to put on the market is enough work without the added problems of pest related issues.

Pests can affect your home inside and out. Obvious damage from insects, rodents, and wildlife can turn off prospective buyers in an instant. The pests listed below and many other pests can put a home in peril. So what kind of damage are these critters doing to your investment?

  • Carpenter ants are found both indoors and outdoors. Damage caused by carpenter ants can occur in homes where moisture problems exist. While these ants primarily nest outdoors, they may chew and excavate tunnels to create extensive galleries in the wood to create nest sites within a home.
  • Subterranean Termites cause more structural damage in the U.S. than carpenter ants and other wood destroying pests combined. They are crypto-biotic creatures which can be difficult to detect. These termites fed with the wood grain and can cause significant structural damage before they are discovered. It is best to have an experienced termite professional inspect for termite activity.
  • Powderpost beetles are a destructive insect which can cause significant damage to structural framing and hardwood flooring. These small beetles are usually less than a ¼” long. They attack a variety of wood types and are often discovered after the damage has occurred. They are usually problematic in homes where elevated moisture is present. They are best detected via an inspection by an experienced professional.
  • Rodents: Once in a home, rodents can cause a variety of damage. Rodents continuously gnaw on various objects within a home including wood, wires, plastic, PVC pipes and other such objects. Rodents are thought to be responsible for structural fires of unknown origin due to their propensity to chew on electrical wiring. They often gnaw on wood trim and other surfaces to create entry points. They also damage insulation in attics and wall voids by nesting activity and contamination due to defecation.
  • Wildlife or Vertebrate Pests including raccoons, squirrels, bats birds and other animals pose various problems for homeowners. These animals may enter homes by various means and entry points. They cause damage due to their nesting activities and contamination from defecation. These animals may carry disease transmitting parasites such as fleas, ticks and mites which may bite humans. Their fecal matter may contain infectious disease pathogens. Some may damage siding, soffit trim, gutters and other areas of the home to get inside. They can also damage insulation and create fire hazard by chewing on wires and other electrical components.

When you’re buying or selling a house, dealing with pests is the last thing you want to add to your lengthy to-do list. That’s where Alexandria Pest Services comes in. At Alexandria Pest Services, we want to help make buying and selling your home as stress-free as possible. Call Alexandria Pest Services at 703-923-0925 to schedule a professional evaluation. Let us worry about the pests. This way, you can concentrate on other, more important things!


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