Bed Bugs

Bed bugs live anywhere people sleep—in homes, hotels, hospitals and schools—and quietly feed on human blood. If that’s not enough to motivate you to get rid of bed bugs, the tell-tale itchy red bumps they leave behind on your skin should do the trick!

Finding and eliminating bed bugs is best left to the professionals. Bed bugs like to hide in small crevices, making them difficult to detect and even harder to kill. They often hide in bedroom walls, mattresses, carpet, nightstands and even alarm clocks.

At Alexandria Pest Services, our unique treatment approach offers proven and guaranteed results. We understand that treating bed bugs requires a comprehensive approach and begins by learning in depth the specifics of each individual problem.

Our program combines a thorough understanding of bed bug biology and behavior, the use of premium EPA approved pesticides, and expertise in cutting edge technology to attack bed bug populations. We are continuously reviewing the effectiveness of new developments in the field to bring our clients the best, most current technology and services available.

Think you Have Bed Bugs?

Because of their size, bed bugs can actually be seen by the naked eye – mature, they appear the size of an apple seed. When changing your bedding, look for signs of bed bugs like:

  • The actual bed bugs, themselves
  • Tiny red splotches or stains
  • Shell casings or fecal matter (suspicious looking non dust-like particles)
  • Another obvious warning sign would be waking up with suspicious bites. Though people experience different physiological reactions to bed bug bites, these bites generally appear in clusters of three and are most often found on the appendages. The reason for these patterns is because of bed bugs’ susceptibility to becoming disrupted while “feeding” on your person, which may cause them to make a few different attempts.

APS has a team of dedicated technicians trained to combat bed bugs, each with over 1,000 hours of experience in this trade. We work closely with each individual client to determine the best options for their treatment, offering help and advice every step along the way: from pre-treatment to post-clean-up. We follow through with each bed bug case until the infestation is completely resolved.



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