Keeping Cockroaches at Bay this Summer

While many of us humans dread the hot, humid D.C. weather, there are certain creatures that thrive on it—particularly, cockroaches. Cockroaches love warm and humid places, and the warmer months are their chief breeding season.

Have you noticed cockroaches in your home this summer? Dealing with a cockroach infestation can leave you with an unsettling feeling, and cockroaches carry disease, so it is important to take the right steps to prevent a cockroach infestation in your home.

Cockroaches need resources such as food, water and a place to keep warm and hide. Don’t underestimate the importance of moisture control to stop an infestation. Look for water sources throughout the home including:

  • Leaky pipes throughout the home should be fixed, particularly in the kitchen and bathroom areas.
  • Consider how your pet’s water bowl may be a water source for cockroaches.
  • The refrigerator condensation pan may be another source and should be emptied and examined.
  • Consider any standing water throughout the home and even those outside of your home.


In addition to lessening the sources of moisture in your home, consider where cockroaches may be hiding, and eliminate their places of shelter, as well.

  • Remove clutter. Clutter provides areas for cockroaches to hide and contributes to the problem. Pay special attention to the kitchen and bathroom and remove clutter in those areas first.
  • Thoroughly clean the inside of the microwave, oven, and toaster. You should also frequently clean those hard to reach areas behind and beneath the refrigerator and the stove. Cockroaches like to hide in toasters and eat the crumbs so make sure to frequently clean these and turn them on for about 3 minutes to destroy any food scent.
  • Seal cracks and crevices, particularly in the kitchen and baths of the home. Cockroaches like to live near their food and water source and are likely hiding within these rooms of your home.
  • Look around the perimeter of your home for outside shelter. Cut back vegetation, do not store firewood near the home and remove clutter.
  • Do not leave dirty dishes out overnight. Dirty dishes serve as a ready-made invitation to come and feast. If you cannot wash them, then at the very least rinse or leave them to soak in soapy water. Also make sure your dishwasher is clean as there could be food remains in the filter or along the seals.
  • Wipe down any surfaces where food is prepared or eaten. Immediately after you prepare or eat your meal you need to wipe down the surface so that roaches do not find their next snack.
  • Vacuum and sweep your floors regularly. You will especially want to do this in the kitchen and eating areas to remove any food debris. You can use the vacuum cleaner’s tube attachment to suck up debris from any cracks in the wall or floors as well as behind furniture and appliances.
  • Take your garbage and compost out every night. If you can’t take your trash out every night then at least make sure your garbage bins are tightly closed.

Cockroaches can be very difficult pests to control. Over the years we’ve seen cockroaches build up a resistance to many insecticides, particularly those sold over the counter, which makes for do-it-yourself methods of control to be very difficult. If you have a cockroach problem in your home, contact the pest management professionals at Alexandria Pest Services to schedule an on-site evaluation and free estimate for pest control services. Call us today at 703-923-0925! 



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