Can I spray and get rid of my pest problem?

Inexperienced applications of over-the-counter pest control products are usually ineffective and can also be unsafe for pets, children and adults if used improperly. Also, most pests return unless you take steps to prevent them. In as little as 60 days, new infestations can develop.

The only effective way to eliminate and prevent new infestations is to use a reputable pest prevention company with an ongoing service plan, such as our Pest Elimination Plus program.

Why do I have to have a free inspection of my home before I can get a price quote?

When a client inquires about a professional pest management service, many times the first question is how much will the service cost. However, no two homes or two pest problems are exactly alike nor are two pest control companies exactly the same.

At APS, we customize your treatment program based on the specific information found during the free inspection process. Our professional Washington, D.C. area pest control technicians will conduct a thorough inspection of your home and property and provide you with a detailed report outlining recommendations for elimination of the initial pest problem and prevention of future infestations. They will also point out areas that require your attention. This inspection is free and helps us to provide you with an accurate price quote for the solution to your pest problem.