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How to Avoid Wasps this Summer

Summer is a time for outdoor concerts, barbeques, pool days, and lazy afternoons. Unfortunately, it is also the season where stinging insects such as wasps are out and about, frantically collecting food for their colony and building their numbers. This means that while spending more time outside this summer, you, your family, and your pets are going to come in contact with wasps more often than not!

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Why Do Centipedes Invade Homes?

Some of you may be wondering why you are suddenly seeing centipedes in your home.  Similar to many other pests, in the winter, centipedes are looking for a dark, moist, secluded space that offers them a food source to wait out the cold months. Then in the spring and summer when they are most active, they can lay their eggs; and their numbers increase. Of course, none of us want this to happen inside of our homes!

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Ever Wonder About What’s in Your Walls?

If you’re like most people, you don’t spend much time thinking about what’s inside your walls. Out of sight, out of mind, right? You’re more interested in what’s on your walls, like pictures of family, paintings, and other decorative items. You don’t give a second thought about wood studs, wiring, conduit, or living creatures. What? Living creatures?! Continue reading Ever Wonder About What’s in Your Walls?